Casinos: A game of chances

Casinos are places where people fond of gambling play game of chances. It is popular worldwide, but USA leads in its popularity.

Monte Carlo is the most famous place for casinos which sees many tourists and in itself a tourist attraction. Monte Carlo has come up in many James Bond movies and novels.

The city is so engrossed in casino that a mathematical method has been named in its name poker tournaments online. The mathematical model is called Monte Carlo Methods. It uses quasi-random numbers with a view to solve some problems related to casinos. Quasi random numbers are brought out by statistical distribution formulae. These are suitable for approximating chance factors.

Macau is not on Main Land China. It is a region with special administration under the authority of Chinese Government. This is another popular center of gambling with many casinos. Macau became the gambling center when the then British Hong Kong had a stringent regulation against gambling and people used find a let off in Macau.

United States, the highest seat of capitalism in the world, finds the maximum number of casinos in various cities. More and more states are in the process of legalizing casinos. The capitalists find a two pronged advantages in casino business.

The first one is the huge revenue, it earns as entertainment taxes from the casinos. The second is engaging the vast fleet of unemployed youth, who are the harbingers of change and a potential danger to their doomed system, in this debasing and unethical trade.

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